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Post Alarm Systems LA Review: Is Legit?

Post Alarm Systems Review

Post Alarm Systems Review is out, and we will be discussing how this security company can safeguard your business and home.

How do Post Alarm Systems work and how can it improve your overall security? Find out more in our exclusive review.

Located in Los Angeles, Post Alarm Systems is one of the best security firms in the vicinity. And with good reason.

The company has a dedicated workforce that ensures your business and home are safe throughout.

With cutting-edge security tools available, it makes sense to indulge with this company for those around Los Angeles.

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Business Name: Post Alarm Systems
Company Website:
47 East Saint Joseph Street, Arcadia, CA, 91006
[email protected]
Local Areas Served:
Los Angeles, California
Services Offered:
Security services and monitoring
(800) 654-7678

Post Alarm has been a great addition to the security scene in most homes in and around Los Angeles.

For many clients, the guarantee aspect is what makes Post Alarm Systems one of the best in the industry.

It’s one of those companies that offers the full security package including Medical alerts. And that’s just one of the services that help Post Alarm Systems stand out.

With years of professional security service, every customer feels safe and has a sense of belonging with Post Alarm.

The company is one of the few security companies that offer both high-end and reliable security standards.

Considering taking your security to the next level? Think of Post Alarm Systems.

About Post Alarm Systems

A family-owned company, Post Alarm Systems is now in the third generation of family ownership.

Rob Post and Gina Post-Franco are the current patrons of the company and they have clearly made the company better.

Over the years, the company has made immense growth in terms of reach and new services offered.

Post Alarm Systems Security firm review in Los Angeles

While still managing to keep the core values, the company has over time grown to have over 125 members.

The company was founded on a passion for protecting people and property with the passion still burning to this day.

With a UL certification, you get the best services from a company under the Monitoring Association.

Is Post Alarm Systems the best in the business? You have to experience the services to concur with us in that matter.

There’s no doubt that the level of professionalism is high with customer retention numbers at their highest.

It’s proof we are dealing with some of the best security experts in the business guaranteeing protection.

Since 1956, Post Alarm Systems has been furnishing users with the best in terms of service delivery.

There’s no doubt that the services you receive from the company are worthwhile. And this is what drives the company to outshine others in this aspect.

Have any concerns, feedback, or suggestions? Post Alarm Systems is ready to hear you and answer your call.

Let’s dive deep into the types of products and services to expect from this company.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Post Alarm Systems

As a buyer or customer who wants security services, you have to weigh the pros and cons of utilizing their services.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of hiring Post Alarm Systems as your Security provider

  1. Peace of Mind

Constant protection is what every business and homeowner is looking for. And Post Alarm Systems does this with ease.

In return, customers get a piece of mind knowing their property is well protected with 24/7 close monitoring and patrol.

Clients enjoy much-needed protection against break-ins thanks to the 24/7 surveillance offered by the firm.

Even while you are away on a business trip or family vacation. Post Alarm got you covered. You get a sense of peace knowing there’s a professional security company that has your back.

  1. Helps deter any criminal activities

Post Alarm Systems are merely deterring clients or preventing it from happening. And that’s a factor you have to consider.

Security companies do guarantee security but, there’s a high chance of security lapses caused by several factors.

In the event this does happen, you would want to engage with a security firm with a quick response unit.

And that is another reason why Post Alarm Systems is the go-to security firm in Los Angeles.

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The company can also deter crime by placing gadgets such as cameras and motion sensors to protect your business or home from intrusions.

There’s a wide array of such gadgets up for grabs with the company offering free installation. Try it today.

Whether you want the company to put up signs warning anyone of the monitoring and surveillance, it’s all up to you.

  1. Lowers Insurance Rates for your business and home

Businesses and homeowners who use security firms and gadgets often incur low insurance rates. Once you install security gadgets, the insurance premiums take a nose dive.

Based on the security installed for your business or home, the insurance company will without a doubt take it into consideration.

Owner who protects their business and homes from theft means they greatly reduce liability from theft.

You should consider consulting with the company and having them monitor your business or home for any security risks.

  1. Saves you money

Getting a reliable security company does help save money. You don’t need to hire a guard as you can instead go for remote monitoring services.

Another great aspect of Post Alarm Systems is that they offer an all-around service for security.

The best business and home security company in Los Angeles

When and if burglars strike, the security company acts immediately and alerts all relevant personnel of the issue.

  1. Get uninterrupted functionality

With the available alarm systems in place, you don’t have to worry about any function interruptions.

You can sleep knowing your business and home gets protection thanks to gadgets and services that work round the clock.

We are talking about services such as remote monitoring and active patrols conducted by Post Alarm Systems.

The actual response to burglary is an integral part of why we recommend this company thanks to rapid response.


Every business has its ups and down, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of hiring a security firm

  1. Risk of burglars cutting alarm and phone lines

Look, there’s no solid security that doesn’t have a downside. If burglars cut alarm systems and all other systems, there’s a compromise.

Businesses and homeowners get disconnected from accessing fast response time. However, the companies do note the issue and will likely call to confirm.

When looking for a viable communication system with an alarm response company, go for one that also offers radio contact options.

That means you can radio the company when phone lines get disconnected or cellular powers get jammed.

  1. False alarms mean charges

These false alarms can be a problem with most companies charging for such. And with good reason as you don’t want to call for help without a valid reason.

It’s common for false alarms and it would be great if you had your system checked out from time to time to avoid such.

There are police departments that will charge you in case such occurrences persist. It’s best to avoid such.

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  1. It’s an expensive undertaking for most businesses and homeowners

There’s the expense factor when it comes to securing your home with gadgets and other additional services.

That’s why you need to take a look at what suits best for you and your property. Consulting with the security company is the best move before making a decision.

Take for example a company that wants to limit access to certain rooms, you will need a keycard system.

With such access tools comes the rising cost of creating and maintaining one. You might also need a system that offers X-RAY security which is expensive.

You should also remember that an alarm raised often brings three departments into the scene, fire, medical, and the police.

These are additional expenses you will have to incur. However, you have to ask yourself, is it better to have them or not have them at all?

Your security should come first.

  1. You can face installation issues

There are security gadgets that are complex to install and you need professional help. Such issues can see a rise in your overall installation figures.

We believe Post Alarm Systems does offer free installation for customers who buy the actual gear from them.

When it comes to installing some of the more advanced security products, it’s best to go with professionals.

  1. Contacts at night

Security firms do due diligence and will likely contact you even at odd hours to ensure everything’s running smoothly.

When the system faces any issues, you bet the security company will call you even at odd hours to confirm the case.

Most can see this as an issue but, it’s part of the security team’s work to ensure everything’s running smoothly.

Business and Home Security Products and Services Offered by Post Alarm Systems

For professional security, the company does offer professional and high-end security services to businesses.

There’s a professional business plan that starts from $1,299 and it all depends on the zip code and your needs.

Again, consultation is best as it gives you a clear indication of what to expect and what fits best for your business.

Some of the products and services available include camera installations and motion detectors. Alarm systems are also available for businesses.

The company also offers remote monitoring services as well as 24/7 patrols of the business vicinity.

Other services include auto door locks gadgets including indoor and outdoor cameras for both business and homeowners.

Local monitoring and patrols are major crowd-puller for the company. The company also covers fire detection and medical alerts.

Looking for a secure Wi-Fi connection? Post Alarm Systems has you covered as it does offer one of the best and most secure internet connections for businesses.

NIGHT SHIELD is one of their best services as it helps businesses and homeowners sleep safely at night.

The night shield for Business is a customized service that offers protection even to warehouses to office buildings.

You can hire guards from the company to help keep track of building traffic and keep everyone safe at all entry levels.

With a dedicated alarm response and monitoring center, there are trained specialists who identify threats.

The professional dispatched armed patrol officers to the scene. And this gives you peace of mind when you’re asleep.


License and Regulation Post Alarm Systems

Post Alarm Systems is one of the best companies in Los Angeles with a valid security operating license.

The company also enjoys a resounding 50 years plus of experience in the security sector making it a darling of the community.

With a valid license and a professional team behind the company, the security of businesses and homes is in good hands.

You certainly want a professional to handle your security business in the hopes that you get the very best.

Testimonials from Customers

Yelp has hundreds of positive reviews from clients who have had the chance to test the company’s products and services.

It’s clear everyone is happy with the fast and rapid response the team offers not forgetting check-ups.

Any business in Los Angeles and homeowners would be happy to get the best deal from the company.

Call them and get a quote on which is the best way forward for your security needs and services.

Verdict Post Alarm System

From what we have seen, Post Alarm Systems is one of the best security providers in the greater Los Angeles region.

If you want professional services from a reliable and experienced team, Post Alarm is definitely a company worth considering.

From having a near-perfect track record to getting outstanding reviews, this is definitely one of the few reliable alarm monitoring companies remaining.

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Please do leave a comment or email us with any queries regarding business and home security. Our experts are ready to help.


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