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Lion Locksmith LA Review: Would you hire

Lion Locksmith LA Review: Find out more about

Lion Locksmith LA ( is a Los Angeles-based Access control service provider.

Our review will show you what to expect from the business and what others say about its services.

Business Name: Lion Locksmith LA
Company Website:
Address: Barrington Ave. Los Angeles 90049
Email: N/A
Local Areas Served: Beach Cities, Beverly Hills, East Downtown Los Angeles, East San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, West Los Angeles, West San Fernando Valley
Services Offered: Access Control Exit Systems, CCTV Camera Installation and Surveillance, Commercial and Residential Locksmith, Emergency Locksmith service
Telephone: +1 (310) 930-8843 for fast response call +1 (866) 5466-109

A lock and security expert, Lion Locksmith LA is definitely a business you need to know about. What if you plan to install access control automation systems?

Who would you call? Now you have an option with Lion Security Locksmith Los Angeles.

What to expect from Lion Locksmith LA

There are various reasons why this company has been credited by most users. Find out more about the quality of service Lion Locksmith LA provides in this honest review.

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With huge discounts on some installation services, the team has created a brand and stuck to its mission and vision.

About Lion Locksmith LA

Established in 2006, the company has over a decade of security experience, which can prove vital in some businesses and homes.

You certainly need an expert installing some high ticket access control systems.

Strategic placing of CCTVs and Motion detectors is another primary reason you need an expert in the field.

And Lion Locksmith LA will deliver both professional and expert installation and monitoring products and services.

The company offers fast and reliable mobile emergency locksmith solutions for commercial and residential clients.

With attention to detail, will install, make extra keys, and make new keys.

Clients get a wide array of security systems to choose from, with the company offering solutions depending on the need and urgency.

You also get a platform that installs CCTV and Video surveillance cameras from quality brands. Good quality to customers is one of their biggest selling points.

After landing on their homepage, we feel the company needs to do better when it comes to furnishing clients with an engaging website.

User engagement is a bit dull as the black-themed website sells short of how a professional security systems website should look like.

Despite having years of experience, their brand on the online spectrum can take a hit due to the web design alone.

Marketing your business means you want to target new clients and retain old ones. A change in website layout can help.

Let’s dive into more details on the pros and cons of hiring Lion Security Locksmith LA.

Advantages of Lion Locksmith LA

Here are the added advantages of hiring Lion Locksmith LA if and when in need of security systems products and services.

  1. Lion Locksmith LA is available 24/7 (when needed)

It doesn’t matter when you need a locksmith’s assistance, and Lion Locksmith LA is available on call 24/7.

The locksmith is there when you need them and may even be assisted during holidays. And that is one of the reasons you don’t need to break the door.

Locksmith Services Offered in LA

  1. Hiring Lion Locksmith LA saves you money

Most people get worried about hiring a locksmith when they forget or lose their keys. What you spend on these experts is nothing compared to sleeping outside or breaking the door.

If you don’t have the right tools to lock a door, you must buy or hire such services. And when you make a mistake, you lose a lot more.

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You can lose what’s inside a safe house or even have to pay for a new lock or entire cabinet/door once you break in.

  1. Working with an experienced professional gives you all the help you need

A locksmith has the experience needed to help guide you. After all, they have faced similar situations before and know how to approach the issue best.

With Lion Locksmith LA, you hire an expert who knows what they are doing and how best to tackle the issue.

You also get a fully equipped professional to handle locks and other security systems installation projects.

  1. Lion Locksmith is fully licensed and regulated

One advantage of Lion Locksmith LA over other businesses in the area is a valid license.

The license details are available on the website, and customers can validate with the registry to confirm.

We did and are happy to validate that Lion Locksmith LA is regulated to offer locksmith services.

  1. Lion Locksmith LA help in emergencies

Once you lock your keys in your car or home, you are in an emergency. And most people are on the verge of panicking when this happens.

You will want to solve this problem as soon as possible, and the best way to do so is by calling Lion Locksmith LA.

With their prompt services, you can trust the expert to help you easily. You solve the emergency with ease without spiraling.

Swift action helps keep a little emergency from turning into a huge one.

Featured brands used by

  1. Reliability and Trustworthiness

An untrained and phony locksmith can pose a huge security concern for you and the property. Lion Locksmiths are completely reliable and trustworthy, all thanks to their decade of experience.

Hiring a professional locksmith with a valid identity offers a wide range of knowledge and expertise to tackle the problem.

Even when installing security cameras, you need an expert to place these gadgets for maximum effect strategically.

  1. Specialization and Expertise level

Lion Locksmith LA is well-equipped to deal with serious scenarios that require high efficiency and adaptive concerns.

The advantages of hiring a specialized locksmith or security surveillance expert help solve such problems in a pinch.

If you want excellent forensic locksmith services, hire Lion Locksmith LA.

  1. A professional attitude

The first quality you will note with Lion Locksmith LA is the professional attitude and pose they bring to the table.

A well-trained locksmith handles each scenario with ease and elegance. If a lock needs saving, the expert will give the best service to ensure you keep your most prized possession.

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  1. Lion Locksmith LA is cost savvy

Opting for a DIY project means you want to save on cost. It can, however, lead to more issues, and the best way to handle it is by calling locksmith professionals.

Poor installation of security cameras may make you pay more than the intended or quoted price. With an experienced locksmith, you get a quick quote to help you solve the issues fast.

Professional services to expect from an LA Locksmith Company

Cons of Lion Locksmith LA Company

Each business faces challenges even when things are going well. Scaling up may become a huge issue for most businesses.

And it’s best to know how to move forward without being stuck in one place.

  • Is Lion Locksmith LA Insured?

Any professional locksmith and security camera installation service must be fully bonded and insured.

There’s no such business information on the website, which could potentially be turning away clients.

A locksmith company that covers their assets with insurance will cover damages if such events occur.

  • Does Lion Locksmith LA Vet staff members?

Another reason to call and ask the company is whether they do, in fact, vet the clients. You want a locksmith and security camera company that fully vets employees.

In such a sensitive product and service, you want the person coming to your business or home to be cleared of any criminal activities.

  • A+ Rating from the BBB

Lion Locksmith LA doesn’t have an A+ rating from the BBB despite their over 10 years of experience in the field.

An A+ rating means the business is well recognized for its good service and customer support. If there are vast negative comments or customer experiences, we haven’t seen them.

  • Is Lion Locksmith a part of a professional association?

We don’t think so. All we know is that the company does offer security cameras from reputable manufacturers.

It remains unclear whether they hire locksmiths from the LA Locksmith professional association.

  • Does Lion Locksmith Monitor Staff members 24/7?

If you want a safe service, hire locksmiths that the business monitors in real time. It means you are dealing with a company you can trust.

Lion Locksmith LA fails to mention any such steps in monitoring employees, especially in the field.

License and Registration Lion Locksmith LA

Lion Locksmith LA does have a valid license. The company is a BBB member and offers AAA discounts to clients.

Liability on the business is completely insured, and the locksmith has a permit #LCO 6612.

Stock Contractor License #901336 is verified.

Services offered by Lion Locksmith LA review

Five services are offered; let’s dive into what these services are

(i). Access Control/ Entry Systems

The business offers all access control systems using products from industry-leading brands such as AIPHONE, ALARM LOCK, DETEX, DOORKING, IEI, SECURITON, etc.

You can get electronic or physical access control systems from These include card access systems to physical barriers put in place.

(ii). CCTV and Surveillance camera installation

It offers various CCTV equipment and technology to provide clients with 24/7 monitoring capabilities.

There are top-notch designs to choose from, including other associated services. These include installation and repairs of CCTVs in the LA area.

(iii). Commercial Locksmith

The company prides itself in securing your business or company using the latest access control systems.

You can get keys produced on-site, including services such as file cabinet locks, sheriff evictions, and surveillance cameras.

(iv). Emergency Locksmith Services

It’s a company you can rely on when you need locksmith and security services, no matter the time.

Emergency services include access control, automotive, CCTV systems, and Commercial and residential.

(v). Residential Locksmith services

Some of the residential services Lion Locksmith LA offers include high-security locks and master rekey systems.

Other services include break-in repairs, high-security locks, and hardware security system design and installation.

Reviews from Clients

Lion Locksmith LA has a five-star rating from Yelp. And this goes to show the company has effective customer delivery.

Most say the team is honest and reliable, with others praising their customer service relationship.

What clients think of Lion Locksmith LA

How a business handles clients reflects in its customer retention numbers. Word of mouth is another key area security systems businesses need to keep tabs on.

From the reviews, we find the name Leo mentioned, which could be one of the Locksmiths or a business owner.

Again, the company falls short in describing the team members or offering insights on the next big step.

Support and contact

Call anytime, and you will definitely get someone available 24/7.

That’s one advantage that makes the company an ideal security systems business that knows how to handle clients.

Who are the featured brands used by Lion Locksmith LA?

There are 10 featured brands listed on the website. These are the product brands you get from the company.

We must add that the brands are solid and all-rounded in offering solid security systems.


Its clear Lion Locksmith offers security systems that utilize the latest technologies and the highest quality materials.

The available options are guaranteed to impress clients and most likely exceed your expectations. Clients also get a 10 percent discount on some of the services.

These include 24/7 emergency service, deadbolts, electronic and mechanical locks, Insurance work, Key drop lock boxes, a Master Key System, Push bar exit devices, and video surveillance.

Verdict on Lion Locksmith LA

Lion Locksmith LA is undoubtedly one of the best access control systems in the LA area.

There are some services the company needs to work on as they specifically specialize in Locksmith.

One area to work on is CCTV camera installation, a service they recently added to their list.

We do also feel the company needs to improve the website design, as it’s a bit dated.

Information on the staff members and owner needs to be in the about us section. And the reviews from clients need to be updated.

That’s our sincere take on Lion Locksmith LA.


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