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LA Tech Guyz Review: A Full Disclosure on

LA Tech Guyz Review: An in-depth review of

LA Tech Guyz ( Review is out. We will reveal how this smart camera and surveillance company keeps the LA community safe.

Our review shows you the services offered and why LA Tech Guyz is an excellent option when installing CCTVs for your business or home.

Business Name: LA Tech Guyz
Company Website:
Address: West Los Angeles, CA 90025
Email: [email protected]
Local Areas Served: West Los Angeles
Services Offered: CCTV Installation, Multimedia Installation, TV Wall Mounting
Telephone: +1 (310) 922-2208

The LA Tech Guyz review starts with who these guys are and what they offer apart from smart camera installations.

We will walk you through how the store has conducted itself from day one. Here’s everything you need to know about this multi-media installation company.

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About LA Tech Guyz

Over the past 10 years, LA Tech Guyz claims to have been a leader in home and business installation service delivery.

These include mounting TVs and Home theaters for over a decade. And that’s proof the company has been at it and providing sufficient services.

Once you land on the homepage, everything seems available. The website is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

We read the company has mounted over 1,359 TCs and over 500 satisfied clients. The company boasts of having a 5-star rating from over 300 clients.

It seems like a family business, as the owner’s name is mentioned several times on the testimonial page.

LA Tech Guyz Review

The platform seems to have immersed itself as a professional and leader in TV mounting. When it comes to smart home security installation services, not so much.

And this is probably attributed to the new service they just opened up, CCTV and security installation service provider.

The company hasn’t fully achieved its potential regarding smart home security services.

There are a few steps the company can take to ensure they grow their CCTV installation business aside from what they truly shine on.

Yes, TV Mounting is one of their biggest selling points, but it hasn’t helped boost numbers regarding CCT Installations.

And this is where they need to improve, as the business hasn’t yet hit the targeted customers regarding CCTV installation services.

The business is a bit vague on how they offer CCTV installation services. And this may be one of the reasons for letting LA Tech Guyz down.

Advantages of LA Tech Guyz and their Mounting and CCTV installation services

There are various reasons why installing CCTVs in your home or business can prove detrimental.

We will inform you why hiring LA Tech Guyz for CCTV installation offers several advantages.

  1. Crime deterrent

Installing CCTVs from LA Tech Guyz will deter crime and, thus, protect your assets and personnel.

Once you make a decision to install CCTVs from, it instantly deters crime from happening.

Statistics show that most burglars will try and case the joint for CCTVs before deciding on their next move.

If you have CCTV mounted on your home or business area, this greatly deters crime by 83 percent.

You wouldn’t want burglars to take advantage of a poorly secured business as a business owner. You end up losing more than you bargained for.

We are unsure of the level of qualification when it comes to installing CCTVs from LA Tech Guyz.

You don’t just install CCTVs, you have to place them while keeping in mind neighbors’ welfare strategically.

CCTV installation companies must adhere to privacy laws, which we believe LA Tech guys are unaware of.

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  1. LA Tech Guyz Installed CCTVs to enhance Customer services

Once your business installs CCTVs, you get to enhance customer services as your clients feel secure dealing with you.

Clients also want to feel secure, especially in businesses with high traffic. If your business sells high-end or ticket items, you need CCTVs.

These are also a reliable form of security as opposed to arm guards who may seem or appear a hindrance to some clients.

Armed guards deter crime, yes but, they also don’t have much to offer in terms of customer care representatives.

  1. CCTVs help deter vandalism

The presence alone of CCTV systems greatly deters vandalism. Some businesses lose inventory from rogue employees.

We recommend installing CCTV in your business or home to deter vandalism from unwanted people.

LA Tech Guyz fails short in promoting their CCTV installation business by failing to offer the advantages.

The company assumes clients know what they want and what exactly they get from CCTVs. You need to have a more detailed approach including the types of CCTVs on offer.

There’s no such information plastered on the homepage of this platform.

  1. LA Tech Guyz CCTV Installation services helps reduce security costs

Instead of hiring a guard to keep watch of your home or business at night, these cameras do the trick.

The guards can virtually monitor what’s happening from a remote location without having to physically clocking in on these businesses.

CCTVs offer 24 hours coverage and maintenance is affordable to most as they only need battery changes once every six months.

For wired cameras, there’s no need of any maintenance.

LA Tech Guyz fails to mention the types of CCTV on offer, are they hardwired or CCTV cameras available.

That’s the information we feel is needed when approaching such platforms. LA Tech Guys fails to properly engage with the audience in terms of available CCTVs.

  1. Providing Camera Footage for Evidence

Once you get LA Tech Guyz install CCTVs, if ever your business or home gets vandalized, you already have footage evidence.

What LA Tech Guyz Offers

And the evidence stored by these CCTVs can help bring the culprits to justice and help you recover stolen property.

Another reason why CCTVs are important is the storage capacity on each type. You have to know the storage capacity offered by such cameras.

LA Tech Guyz should be informing users on some of the best CCTVs to get when installing. There’s not even a single example of such on the homepage.

  1. LA Tech Guyz CCTV will help handle disputes

Suppose a client comes and claims to have paid for a product via cash and the registrar doesn’t remember of such a transaction.

A dispute may rise and since the cash register has several notes, there’s no telling who is telling the truth.

And your best option is to take a look at the footage and finally handle the dispute as it will help clear the air.

CCTVs have been installed in locations where such issues can be handled. And that’s why you need a professional to know where exactly to store these cameras.

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  1. CCTVs help monitor staff

The same case can help businesses monitor staff and what they are doing. If you want reliable staff members who are at work when needed, place CCTV cameras.

You will monitor what they are doing and the timestamps will help in that effect. You need to get a CCTV installer who can offer the best and most strategic positioning of these cameras.

Again, the experience of LA Tech Guyz has to come into question as we don’t even have a clue on who these staff members are.

  1. LA Tech Guyz CCTVs will help reduce insurance claims and premiums

Once you install CCTVs in your business or home premise, it helps lower insurance premiums which can be beneficial to your case.

CCTVs increase business security and therefore you benefit from insurance premium deductions thanks to crime deterrent gadgets.

  1. LA Tech Guyz CCTVs offers clients a piece of mind

As indicated earlier, having CCTVs installed gives everyone a piece of mind. You know that your security is well monitored by these devices.

We have a few questions on whether LA Tech Guyz offer monitoring services as well after installing CCTVs.

Cons of LA Tech Guyz

There’s no business that doesn’t have its ups and downs and, so does LA Tech Guyz.

We will discuss the cons of buying CCTVs from the business

  • Lack of proper information on CCTVs

You don’t get enough information on the type of CCTVs available. And that can pose a problem for most clients.

The company first stated as a TV mounting company and just recently started offering CCTV installation services.

  • Professional CCTV installation services

Those who install CCTVs from LA Tech Guyz don’t seem to have any professional background of such services.

And this means they may not be able to properly or strategically place these cameras for full effect.

Businesses offering CCTV Installation in Los Angeles

There’s no pricing as the store prefers you email them and get a direct quote which may not be enough.

The business hours may vary which means you won’t get to talk to any customer care representative of the business.

  • Privacy is an issue

In LA, Privacy is one of the biggest issues and this may be a problem especially for homeowners wanting to install CCTVs.

There’s no denying that you security is important, so does the privacy of other homeowners whose privacy may be in jeopardy once you install CCTVs.

The question still remains whether LA Tech Guyz do have the expertise needed to install CTVs without infringing in other people’s privacy.

  • fails to give a quote on the services

Installing CCTVs can be a costly affair especially if you want hardwired CCTVs installed in your business or home.

Again, the cost also depends on the number of CCTVs installed and the positioning of these cameras.

You would want to have the installers access the area and determine the cost of installing cameras.

We feel the store should come up with a basic price point of installing cameras for business and homeowners.

Types of Services Offered by LA Tech Guyz

There are only two types of services offered by LA Tech Guyz. Their main selling point is TV Mounting.

Let’s take a closer look at what each of the services offered;

(i). Multi-Media Installation

LA Tech Guyz offers multimedia installation services such as speakers. If you have an event, you can call them for such services.

(ii). Smart Camera and Installation Services

The business offers smart camera and installation services such as video doorbells, security systems, and other home security needs.

(iii). TV Wall Mounting

And this is their specialty, TV wall mounting. Even the homepage screams TV Mounting and not specifically Home security services.

Registration and License Status LA Tech Guyz

LA Tech Guyz fails to inform readers of any license or registration details from State authorities.

We do strongly believe having a valid license number does validate the business in terms of professionalism and transparency.

A valid license shows that the people you call to Install CCTVs are professionals and do know how to follow privacy laws.

The website itself fails to have or offer any privacy policies which is a bit concerning. review

We do believe the store has made some great strides when it comes to mounting TVs. The store needs to do an even better job when it comes to matters security.

After all, security will start with the CCTVs installed by the business. The website has to also highlight some of the brands available as CCTVs.

For now, we only have their word they do offer smart camera and security systems installation.

There’s not a single image on display that would suggest the store does offer CCTV installation services.

Where can you find

The shop is in Los Angeles, West LA.

We have left contact details if you would want to hire them for the various services they offer.

Verdict on LA Tech Guyz

From what we have seen, LA Tech Guyz need to improve on a couple of things when it comes to CCTV installation.

There’s so many CCTV installation services in LA and each business wants to stand out. And we feel LA Tech Guyz fails to take center stage.

Any growing business needs to advertise and market their security business in a manner that will GUARANTEE GROWTH.

Get to call them and inquire more on CCTV installation and how they will tackle the above issues.

Looking forward for your comments and expectations of LA Tech Guyz.


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