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California Security Pro Review: What to Expect with

California Security Pro Review: our honest review of review

California Security Pro Company has protected businesses and families for over 140 years. One of the best security businesses, it’s time we reviewed

Business Name: California Security Pro
Company Website:
Address: 2551 Sam Ramon Valley Blvd, Suite 217, San Ramon, CA 94583
Email: N/A
Local Areas Served: California
Services Offered: Access Control Exit Systems, CCTV Camera Installation and Surveillance, Commercial, and Residential
Telephone: +1-800-310-9490

Several services offered by California Security Pro Company may be pivotal to your business or home security.

While protecting more than 8 million customers with ADT-monitored Home and Business Security Systems, you will love their services.

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With technology being a factor in a secure business and home environment, you must play the right cards when protecting your assets and staff.

California Security Pro Company has enjoyed a decent client review, and we decided to go deeper and show you what‘s on the table.

Based in San Ramon, California, the company is one of the most trusted vendors; want to know why?

Is California Security Pro the right fit for your security needs?

It’s the ADT Authorized Dealer in the area, making it a force to reckon with regarding security matters.

Our California Security Pro Review will dive into the unexpected and the pros and cons of signing up with this security company.

About California Security Pro

One of the country’s top 10 ADT authorized dealers, expect to get professional and quality products and services from this platform.

The company is fully backed by one of the most reliable Security Monitoring Center Networks of ADT.

And this gives the company an edge over others as they offer only the best in terms of security products and services.

The company is also the pinnacle of customer service as they respond in time and an impressive service check.

When dealing with alarm companies, you would want to deal with one that offers the best in terms of service delivery.

Most clients are looking for a home security network that offers much more than just security. You want high quality gadgets that keep your business and home secure from intruders.

We would have liked to see more of the background and history of the platform including the staff members.

Who is running the show and why don’t they have a staff profile page on their website?

Speaking of the website, it’s full if unnecessary information clustered all over. You will need a day to comb over the relevant information posted.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of California Security Pro

pros and cons of

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of hiring California Security Pro Company as your security service provider


  1. Constant Protection

Your business and family will enjoy round the clock protection from this company once you have all the necessary gadgets fitted.

You enjoy protection against break-ins and also get round the clock surveillance and quick response from the alarm company.

For those seeking fire alarm systems, California Security Pro has you covered as most of their gadgets come with such gainful features.

While away from home, the constant protection means you have a piece of mind that helps you gain more in terms of security being beefed up.

  1. Deterring criminal activities

Although security firms guarantee protection and safety, their main service is deterring criminals from gaining entry.

Even the presence alone of signs that indicate the premise has 24/7 monitoring means deterring criminals from attempting entry.

These gadgets will likely persuade burglars and other criminals to pass over the premise with security gadgets.

A business or even homeowner should clearly display signs of the premise being monitored for security purposes.

Let everyone know their movements in and around the property are monitored thus, giving everyone a piece of mind.

A security company should use such signs to promote their services as well and retaliate the name of the company monitoring the premise.

  1. Lowers insurance rates

Once you get California Security Pro Company to install and monitor your business, you greatly lower security rates.

Your security company may as well adjust or even reduce your insurance rates based on the security gadgets installed.

Once you protect your business or home from theft, it means liability from such incidences reduce and thus lower your insurance premium rates.

  1. Getting a monitored security system from the above company saves you money. Not only do you get reliable and quality as well, you get great discounts.

Having a 24/7 security monitoring service provider saves you money as a business or homeowner.

Think of the problems you would have to encounter if burglars were to strike and steal everything from your business or home.

It pays to have a reliable security systems provider that gives you the security of knowing there’s 24/7 monitoring taking place.

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  1. Uninterrupted Functionality

There are two main types of alarm systems, battery-powered and wireless alarm systems. Both of these offer uninterrupted security protection functionality.

And this means you have your home and business protected even while you are deep in your sleep.

For most business owners, they want reassurance that when the business closes, it’s also protected from vandalism.

California Security Pro Company will offer not just the gadgets you need but also, the actual response in case of any burglar attempts.


Just as with any business model, there are some disadvantages too that come with hiring California Security Pro Company.

  1. Burglars Cutting Phone Lines

For businesses or homes that connect with their security company using phone lines, there’s problem if the lines get disconnected.

It means you can’t call for help especially in rural areas where cell phone tower signals are not strong enough.

You must insist on a communication system that’s not liable to disconnection especially in a business environment.

We advise that you get a cellular radio installed in your home as well. It allows communication with the security company even when above scenarios occur.

  1. False alarms

False alarms can also be a problem when it comes to home security business. There’s no stopping such occurrences.

It’s not uncommon to have false alarms and this can be a problem. Despite false alarms, the security company will still come and access the situation.

There are some security companies that charge extra for monitoring false alarms which can be an expensive undertaking.

Some Police departments will even charge you for such occurrences. To avoid such cases, consult with the security company about the root cause of the matter.

  1. Expensive undertaking

Some of the gadgets installed can be quite expensive especially high-tech security gadgets such as face recognition software.

For business owners who want to guarantee safety for employees and the building itself, you need deep pockets.

There are businesses that require certain staff to access different rooms, and this means having a keycard system for such employees.

Others may want safes or even glass doors that raise alarms if there’s any break-in. Remember that these gadgets are only useful when there’s 24/7 monitoring.

You will need a response team that responds quickly to such calls including the fire department if need be.

Any alarm raised should bring three departments, fire, medical, and police departments.

  1. Installation issues

There are some security gadgets that may be a little complex to install. And that’s why you need a reliable and experienced company such as California Security Pro Company.

Based on the system you use, the installation process may face some issues. It’s good that you have someone come and inspect the premise before installation.

This saves time and money when it comes to installing some of the more advanced systems that require expertise.

  1. Getting contacted at night

You might get notifications or calls during the wee hours of the morning from the security company for verification.

If the company wants to keep monitoring the house, they may decide to test the alarm especially if not in use for long.

And this means calling customers at night to ensure they are safe. Although an inconvenience, it plays a huge part in ensuring there’s clarity and guarantee safety for clients.

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Features of California Security Pro

Why California Security Pro offers in terms of security

Here are some of the notable features and services to expect from the California Security Pro ADT Official Distributor

  • Self-Monitored Home Security Systems

These are self-monitoring systems installed by professionals and give the property owner the peace of mind needed.

Such systems will issue or notify business and homeowners of any activities inside and outside their premise/property.

It’s a major advantage for homeowners who want to do it alone and rarely leave their homes.

In such cases, such clients directly contact law enforcement and don’t have any security company monitoring such alarms.

Cameras or heat sensors record and transmit the data directly to the user for further clarification or viewing.

The cons of such systems is that they mostly need a secure and strong internet network to work. If the power goes out, the business or homeowner becomes vulnerable.

Business and homeowners will incur the full cost of installation. It won’t be the case when you hire the company to install and monitor the premise.

  • Monitored Security Systems Services by California Security Pro Company

With a monitored security system, the property owner gets the full installation features and chooses a package that suits them best.

The security monitoring company will monitor the activity around the property and notifies law enforcement in case of any situation.

One of the main advantages of this is that you don’t have to personally monitor the premise as there’s the company offering the service.

The disadvantages is the accidental triggering of alarms by the company while you are still in the premise.

You will have to answer the phone and insist it’s a false alarm.

  • Unmonitored Security Systems

These are sensors placed within certain strategic entry and exit points of a business or home premise.

As soon as someone comes near the property, the alarm goes off. It involves some of the best security gadgets including heat and smoke detectors.

The owner gets a control board where they monitor the surroundings and can call for help if need be.

One of the biggest disadvantage is the owner takes all action in case of burglary. There are no automatic features that alerts authorities of the break-ins.

  • Wireless Security Systems by California Security Pro Company

These include cameras, control panels, sensors, and other detectors. Most of these are sophisticated systems that come with several features.

As soon as there’s an intruder or person near the property, you get an alert or live video feed of what’s happening.

The drawbacks include the business or homeowner having to take action if they haven’t subscribed to a monitoring package.

One of the main advantages of such services is that they help eliminate blind spots that burglars may take advantage.

You can setup a monitoring service with California Security Pro Company with all the wireless security systems available for the picking.

Home Control Systems Offered by California Security Pro

There are seven home control systems offered by Let’s take a deep dive into these systems;

  1. Auto Door Locks

For businesses and homes that want to infuse auto door locks to help ensure there’s limited entry time.

It’s a great way to ensure the doors are locked at all times and only open when necessary.

  1. Garage Door Controls

These are the garage door control systems that monitor garage doors and even sensors to ensure the door doesn’t slam on any person.

It’s a must-have for homeowners with kids and a garage that should be kept closed most of the time.

  1. Indoor Cameras

These cameras range from small cameras that are strategically places so that few people can know they exist.

  1. Lighting Control

California Security Pro offers light control services that allow users to control lights during office hours and shut them off when not in use.

  1. Outdoor Cameras

These are outdoor cameras with a much higher range when it comes to spotting users. It’s one of the best security tools for businesses.

  1. Thermostat Control

Want to monitor the temperature levels of your surroundings automatically? Get a thermostat control panel from California Security Pro Company.

Verdict on California Security Pro

The company definitely has come a long way in ensuring they offer top quality security products and services.

For those who want quality ADT security products and services, now you know where to get them.

Please leave a comment or email us with any queries.


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