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Access Control Automation Services Offered by Successful Security Businesses

Access Control Automation Products and Service Guide

Access Control Automation is one of the best business and home security services.

There are several access control automation services you can offer that will give you the much-needed customer satisfaction boost.

The trick is to know which is best to put the client’s needs first. How do you offer Access Control Automation services and maintain customers all year long?

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High-quality Access Control Automation systems are ideally what you need to offer before moving forward.

You need to have an idea of the best access control automation systems the market has to offer. Transfer that information to the client’s needs as well.

Our Access Control Automation guides help businesses offering such services improve customer and quality control.

Why you need to offer Access Control Automation Products and Services

At the end of the day, you need to have an automation platform that offers the best in terms of products and service delivery.

Buyers want access control automation tools that guarantee safety and also offer order in any workplace.

You only want managers to access a certain office; give them keycards that can only open the door to the specific office.

With technological advancement in security items, and access control automation, businesses have what it takes to stay strong.

Did you know that statistics indicate a growth in Access Control Automation gadgets and service delivery of 88 percent?

Here’s everything you need to know about Access Control Automation

Access Control Automation: What is it?

  • User Experience

An employee can use their credentials to gain access to a specific area. Credentials on this part can be physical such as access keys.

These credentials can also be digital, such as in a mobile device. A person may unlock a certain entry/exit point to get authorization.

The user experience on access control automation is real and offers a more straightforward approach in a high-traffic workstation.

Assuming your business wants to target such customers, you must sell the user experience part. And that’s where you get an interest in the access control systems on offer.

  • System Manager Experience

You will need to sell the idea of one of the employees or business owners having to manage the system.

The idea of a manager is to check the logs and ensure the right people get access to the specified locations in a business.

An administrative dashboard should be easy to use for the business and will be either headed by the IT or security department.

You can offer the systems as a way to create shifts and employee ranks depending on access points needed for the business.

The business can also implement an ideal card-programming machine in every situation.

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  • Access Control Automation Systems infrastructure

Your client needs to know the system infrastructure and how it works best. These systems cover card readers, door status, electric locks, and traffic monitoring.

Here’s more on the systems infrastructure on access control automation tools

Access Control Automation: What is it and how does it protect my business?

(i). Access Control Panel

You must inform the client that the access control automation panel needs to be set up in a secure location.

We recommend having the set up in an electrical closet.

(ii). Access Control Server

Servers store access control automation data, which is important for security purposes. The server store permission data such as passwords and reset buttons.

The business will decide to use a cloud-based server or have a card reader physically stored in an office.

(iii). Electric locks

You will need to educate the clients about fail-safe locks and fail-safe secure locks that are all electric-powered.

These are some of the access control automation ideas the client may not be aware of and needs to find the best option available.

Your access control automation business needs to give clients various products and services to go for, depending on their needs.

Clients who need Access Control Automation services

Your business needs to know who to target regarding access control automation. It’s how you move to become the best dealer in such products and services.

Knowing the clients to target saves you time and the trouble it takes to get a hold of these clients.

Clients who need Access Control Automation Products and services

We have compiled a list of targeted clients your business can contact and who require access control automation services.

(a). Education sector

Schools with large campuses, especially colleges, and Universities, are increasingly aware of the need to secure some of the learning areas.

And who else offers the best access control automation products and services than your business?

Access control can help keep students from accessing parking for faculty and other employee-restricted access points.

These systems are easily programmable to offer the best in terms of those registered with the corresponding course getting access to the learning area.

(b). Enterprise

Businesses accepting and processing payments via credit cards must meet PCI data regulations.

You can offer access control systems that limit access to sensitive areas such as the IT and financial departments.

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These systems can also track the people who access data and at what time.

(c). Government institutions

Local and state governments also need security, which is their priority. Targeting government institutions for access control is imperative.

Your business can earn a lucrative contract that is likely extended for years to come. These institutions want to restrict access to different locations in the building.

(d). Healthcare

To follow HIPPA regulations, those in the healthcare industry must integrate access control systems for confidentiality.

Your business is best suited for offering many such products and services healthcare facilitators need.

You can offer access control products and services that prevent unauthorized entry.

(e). Small and medium-sized businesses

Keycards are not only needed for big companies, but medium-sized and small businesses do also need to protect their assets.

An excellent example would be a store that holds assets for sale in a different room. And these assets are high-ticket items.

Giving access to trusted employees

A client would want access to the room monitored at all times. You can give keycards to those authorized only to access the point.

(f). Worship centers

Another client that’s constantly overlooked by access control automation business providers is worship centers.

Sanctuaries and spiritual centers need to balance security and access to these houses. Access control products and services make it for worship centers to monitor traffic.

These products can also restrict daycare centers associated with the worship center. And this gives worship centers control of who accesses the locations.

Differentiating types of access control automation

There are three types of access control automation. These are mainly housed in a cloud or local server.

Clients can contract access points via card readers, keypads, and mobile devices. When it comes to setting permissions, users have three available options

Here’s how you educate the client on how to manage access points

  • Discretionary access control

With this model, the business owner controls entry and exit points. The card door reader has a list of authorized persons allowed, usually set by the business owner.

The individuals on the list have access to the specified area or building.

  • Mandatory access control

Here’s the most restrictive access control automation system. It restricts access without any exceptions.

An example would be the head of security who determines access and rules of engagement. An example is when an employee needs a password for a certain area.

Tech businesses are the ones that keep access to such locations. You must be keen on what the customer wants and their specific needs.

Does your business need access control?

  • Role-based systems

With this access model, all users with the same role have equal access. An example would be developers or lab technicians who need access to the dev office or lab.

The system grants access depending on the level of privilege, with employees with seniority only needing access once.

Pros of implementing Access Control Automation Systems

Security is a top priority for any business, no matter the size. Protecting a business and the home means denying access to some employees and home users.

Access Control Automation can make life easier for employees and save money. That’s the main selling point you need to share with clients.

  1. Increase ease of access for employees

Once you give authorization to employees, it helps them get the job done easily. With a password or scan of a key, they have access to what they need to complete a task.

  1. Helps get rid of traditional keys

There are a few disadvantages to using traditional keys, including losing them or someone duplicating them.

Also, the larger the building, the more locks you need to gain access. And this is why you have to avoid such practices with the help of technological advancement.

  1. Helps save money and energy

With access control automation systems, businesses save energy and money. You can verify anyone in the vicinity without needing a security guard.

You can sell the products by stating how businesses can integrate these systems with the lighting of the building.

These systems know when to turn off and on, especially when there’s limited traffic in the area.

  1. Keeping track of who comes and goes

Implementing these systems means you keep track of who comes and goes. The client gets the exact data of when and where the visitor went.

How to improve security in your business or organization

With this information, you can know when an employee clocks in and out without checking in with them.

  1. Protect the visitors against unwanted visitors

A business can create an opportunity where visitors go undetected and can prove costly when the business gets breached.

One of the main benefits of businesses using access control automation systems is preventing unauthorized people from gaining access.

Only those with the credentials can gain access to these places. And that’s why you need to stay ahead of the pack.

  1. Give employees the freedom to work when needed

If you have a client who has a business set up with different shifts, it gives freedom for employees to work with ease.

Managers won’t have to stay late to lock up after employees. You can now offer flexible shifts to these employees.

  1. Prevent data breaches

Financial and health information needs to be kept confidential. The access control systems help with that.

Advantages of Access Control Automation products and services

And the clients need to know the risks of data breaches and how important it is to get a hold of access system products and services.

  1. Creating a safe work environment

With automation systems, you keep trusted users in and others out. You have the right to do a background check on these employees and keep others out.

You can also keep employees safe in case of emergencies. CCTVs can help detect and deter crimes that would have otherwise caused harm.

  1. Access Control Automation systems reduce accidents and theft

Businesses can protect assets and people with access control systems with ease. In case of fire, the systems immediately alert the concerned parties.

If there’s a water leak, the system can shut down the main entry point and prevent further damage to property.

  1. Helps provide access to multiple buildings and locations

In areas with multiple buildings and locations, traditional keys can be a problem. Security guards have to have these keeps at all times, and this is a risk factor.

With access control automation systems, you eliminate all these factors.

Each floor employees have access keys that ensure they are working on the right floor without other employees’ interruptions.

Verdict on Access Control Automation

Your security business needs to find solutions for other companies. It starts by listening and accessing the needs of the business.

No matter the size of the business, you need to give the client the best in terms of quality.

Offer access control systems that the client will rely on. You also need to have professional installers who know how to place key lock pads strategically.

With this information in mind, your business is now ready to offer the best in terms of access control automation products and services.


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