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AAA Burglar Alarm Review: Are you Safe with

AAA Burglar Alarms Review: What you need to know

AAA Burglar Alarm is a South California-based family business with over 60 years of experience.

Our AAA Burglar Alarm Review checks the company’s business and home security services.

Business Name: AAA Burglar Alarms
Company Website:
Address: P.O Box 39189, Downey, California 90239
Email: aaa@[email protected]
Local Areas Served: South California
Services Offered: Alarm Design and Installation, Remote Management, Security Camera Installation and Programming, 24/7 monitoring
Telephone: N/A

When you land on the AAA Burglar Alarm website, there’s little to go on regarding the company’s background and history.

AAA Burglar Alarms Review

We had to dig deep during our review to try and give the reader a close picture of the business.

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AAA Burglar Alarm Company doesn’t have a clear background and history page. Looking at it, the company hasn’t invested much in the website.

Here’s our candid AAA Burglar Alarm Review.

About AAA Burglar Alarm

We determined Edi M is the business owner thanks to the Yelp review. She states the business has been in the family for over 33 years.

Most of the services offered are access control installations and remote monitoring services. The company also designs and inspects businesses and advises where best to set up CCTVs.

From the review on Yelp, Edi M. claims the company offers business and home security systems.

The two targeted niches are one of the best. As for customer reviews, the website fails to offer any.

And that’s where we feel Edi and her team fail to capitalize on the allure of online presence. The company should allow clients to air their views on the website.

Word of mouth goes a long way in ensuring the company converts clients without the hustle of investing in large marketing campaigns.

Since it’s a small business model, the company offers specialized one-on-one services catered to commit to quality services.

Despite claiming to work within clients’ budgets, we highly doubt this assumption and find some red flags in what Edi claims.

A personal touch is what makes AAA Burglar Alarm system stand out from the rest of the competitors.

Whether the company does a background check on the staff members remains unknown. There’s no profile page for staff members on the website.

Advantages of AAA Burglar Alarm

If you need business or home alarm systems, we will give you the pros and cons of getting alarm systems.

Once you decide to engage with AAA Burglar Alarm, these are the advantages you get from installing access control tools for your business and home.

  1. AAA Burglar Alarm Protects people and property

Once you install business and home security systems from the AAA Burglar system, you immediately raise your protection level.

A security system’s foremost goal is to furnish you with protection for those inside and the property at large.

That includes protection from burglary, intrusions, and unforeseen problems such as gas and water leaks.

AAA Burglar Alarm may be a small company, but it is a full professional monitoring service provider.

South California Home Systems Business Review

Alarm systems may also come in handy when needing a medical emergency. You lower the risks of burglary tenfold.

Statistics indicate burglars avoid businesses or houses with alarm systems.

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  1. Deterring crime

Once there’s a sign of an alarm system, burglars tend to stay away from such. These signs have been proven to deter criminals from targeting your establishment.

And it makes sense to go and get an alarm and monitoring system for your business and home use.

It’s better to have a security system than need one. With rapid response nearby, you would want someone to answer your call for help at any moment.

AAA Burglar Alarm Company offers the best alarm systems, from CCTV cameras to motion sensors.

Studies show that 60 percent of burglars plan their break-ins in less than 24 hours. 83 percent of them look for signs of alarms first before engaging.

And that means nearly 83 percent of burglars will think twice before attempting to steal from your business or home.

  1. AAA Burglar Alarm Company gives you a piece of mind

With a professionally installed alarm system in play, you feel relaxed and safe. Even in a business setting, clients and staff members will feel relaxed as well.

The heightened security gives everyone the confidence to interact without fear. Whether you are in the vicinity or away, you feel safe knowing someone is monitoring your business/home.

Some of the security systems offered by AAA Burglar Alarms come with integrated systems enabling businesses and homeowners to access control remotely.

And this gives you a reason to even go on vacation, knowing your property is safe from intrusion.

  1. Convenience and energy-saving advantages

AAA Burglar Alarms Company offers modern security systems with automation capabilities. These features enable the system to gauge energy levels, for example, by dimming lights, etc.

If you have a thermostat and internet-connected lights, the system can adjust these tools or even arm your house once you leave.

If no one is in the house, the system can turn off the heat and lower energy costs in your home. Smart door locks can automatically open when you drive in the garage.

You now have a secure way of letting people in without going to the door or gate to welcome them.

Is AAA Burglar Systems Review Ideal for your business or home?

  1. Reducing home insurance premiums

Most insurance companies offer a premium discount of 5 to 20 percent for homes with monitored security systems.

Higher discounts come with businesses or homes that include environmental and motion detectors.

And this makes your business and home affordable in the long run. As you cut down the costs of insurance premiums you would have otherwise paid if you didn’t have a home security system.

  1. AAA Burglar Alarms keeps tabs on kids

One of the great aspects of home security systems automation is keeping tabs on kids while you’re away.

Thanks to seamless connectivity from your CCTV camera to your smartphone, you can remotely watch the kids using a mobile app.

The remote access also gives you access to tools such as the thermostat and helps maintain room temperatures while away.

  1. Get uninterrupted functionality from home security systems

There are two types of alarm systems to get from AAA Burglar Alarm Company. Hardwired and wireless alarm systems, with each offering a distinctive appeal.

Wireless alarm systems usually work on batteries and require constant maintenance. You have to change the batteries once every six months.

Hardwired systems consume a lot of energy thanks to electricity from the main source. Finding out which suits your business/home best would be best.

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Disadvantages of alarm security systems from AAA Burglar Alarms Company

Each business faces some form of adversity, and some could even include scaling up. And AAA Burglars Alarms is a perfect example.

Despite having over 33 years of experience, the Company remains a middle-level alarm systems company.

Why would such a business with so much heritage not be able to scale up?

It all boils down to poor marketing strategies that limit the business from gaining more clients. And that’s why advertising plays an integral part in any business.

If you want to move forward as a business, you must get your business known out there. You also have to get a solid plan to retain customers.

Here are other cons once you employ the services of AAA Burglar Alarms Company;

What RELIABLE home security systems service provider offers

  • Triggering false alarms

Every security system is prone to false alarms that might trigger the alarm ringing at odd night hours.

Each response the patrol or monitoring company makes incurs costs. The same scenario happens when someone from your family enters a restricted area.

You must develop better ways of securing your alarm and ensuring it doesn’t trigger false alerts.

  • Alarm systems can themselves get stolen

In a few cases in South California, intruders will steal CCTV cameras and later break into the business/home.

Once you install them from a site where burglars can get to, then these tools are a game. Wireless alarm systems have been the target of vandalism in South California.

Some expert burglars can disarm and disconnect wired systems as well. And this can be later attributed to the manufacturer or installer.

That’s why a thorough background check on employees is a must.

  • AAA Burglar Alarms Systems can be expensive

Hardwired and wireless alarm systems are expensive to install. It would be best if you had a substantial investment that fully caters to the needs of the business/home.

Other additional costs to incur include installation and subscription fees.

With AAA Burglar Alarms Company offering virtual guard services, you will have to incur the costs of this as well.

Important Features of Business and Home security systems offered by AAA Burglar Systems

You should consider professional monitoring services from AAA Burglar Alarms systems to ensure your property is safe.

Self-monitoring businesses and homes is the least expensive option, and it can prove disastrous when burglars strike.

Consider a scenario where the smoke alarm goes off when you’re deep asleep. That could prove disastrous.

And this is why you need security systems that are well-monitored by experts in the security realm. Review

Here are some of the key features to look out for once you decide to install security systems for your business or home;

(a). You need to have a battery-backed system that works even when the power goes down. Intruders can take advantage of hardwired systems by taking down the power to gain access.

(b). Try and have a cellular radio that you can use to contact the monitoring center. That’s if the WIFI is down and you don’t have the power to call using a phone.

(c). Get various communication protocols that monitor center users to track responses.

You also need to consider the base station or heart of the home system. Carefully consider where to have them and avoid places where intruders can gain easy access.

Privacy concerns for Home security systems

Once you decide to go for AAA Burglar Alarms, please note neighbors’ privacy concerns.

The team will already brief you on the privacy laws in your jurisdiction, including CCTV camera footage.

One of the biggest issues with business and home CCTVs is hacking. And this can attract unwanted peeking from unknown persons.

It would be best to use these CCTV brands that offer users safety from third-party attacks. Two of the most vulnerable elements of your systems are CCTVs and WIFI.

Personal data stored by these Cameras and home systems is another security concern for users.

Home security systems know and record when you’re at the business/home premise or away. And this data can be used against you by third parties.

FAQ on Home Security Systems

  1. Does having a Home Security system increase property value?

There’s little research to confirm or deny that having a home security system increases the property’s value.

Edi M. Business Owner AAA Burglar Alarms Inc South California

However, we tend to believe it does, as it’s a feature that most homeowners are looking for. Having a smart home is an added incentive for most new homeowners.

  1. What can a home security system offer apart from deterring burglary?

Automation has now helped smart homeowners easily configure and easily access homes.

Home security systems were used as means to deter burglary, but not anymore. You can now check house temperature levels and conserve energy while away.

Increasing interests in home security systems boost your awareness and preparedness in case of burglary.

Verdict on AAA Burglar Alarms Company

There’s no doubt that the business does offer several security-related installation services. These include;

  • Alarm design and installation
  • Remote management
  • Security camera installation and programming
  • 24/7 monitoring

If you want a piece of mind from a security provider that offers a personal touch, AAA Burglar Alarms is what you need.

Some of the disadvantages include having a company that doesn’t cater fully to security monitoring needs.

The company only installs and doesn’t offer physical monitoring. You have to access this feature from a third party.

And this could be the reason clients are jumping from AAA Burglar Alarms Company to businesses offering an all-inclusive package.


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