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Utilise the power and popularity of the media to exponentially grow your local security business.

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Ready to take on the #1 spot for the local areas you serve as a security business specialist? Look no further as i’ve got you covered. You will be known by your local community and nearby areas as the “go-to expert” for any tasks related to home security or other security-systems-jobs thereby beating your competition.

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See how we can help you grow your security business with the power of the media.

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Apply a kardashian-style of marketing to your security systems business and watch your company grow big with little to no effort from your part.

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Showcase your top security systems products/services in the front of hungry local clients who are ready to hire you to do their security installations, maintenance and other related tasks for them. Also, add the ability for me or my employees to add more sections later on if we want to.

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Founder's Message

Hello, my name is Val Cameron, and I have years of experience advertising security system companies that are deserving. I partner with local security businesses and help grow and scale them to new heights.

If your security business deserves attention, please get in touch. Here’s what I mainly work on, and I have a ton of success with the security system companies I have worked with;

Security Systems Business Growth

Getting your business known and gaining the audience’s trust is paramount to your business success. I’m known for getting many security systems companies the recognition they deserve, bringing them new customers, and helping them become the number one choice in town.

My secret is applying a unique and proven method that works every time. Thanks to my strong links with several media houses and industry experts, I help increase EXPOSURE for products and services offered by security systems businesses.

In a matter of months, these businesses start getting noticed, and queries about their products start increasing. So what I do is adequate that I GUARANTEE customer growth in a matter of weeks.

To maintain professionalism, I can only work with a handful of security systems brands simultaneously. However, the strict rules ensure I commit to these brands and maintain a professional relationship with media brands, including local and online media houses.

If you want to see growth for your business, improve your reputation, and want exposure, please get in touch. You have to be able to handle more clients and keep the professional and quality services clients deserve and are looking for.

Please get in touch at or enter your details below, and we will get in touch. Alternatively, drop me a message at [email protected].

Make the best decision today for your business by partnering with a proven strategist for your local security business.

I am looking forward to improving your business outlook.


Val Cameron


If your security business deserves attention, please enter your details below and I'll be in touch.